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St. Lucian Groovy Soca 2015

Saint lucia carnival 2015


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St. Lucia Flag

St Lucia Flag: The flag of St. Lucia was officially adopted on March 1, 1967. The blue field represents the Caribbean Sea, and the triangles symbolize the island's famous Pitons - the twin volcanic peaks.

The colours and symbols of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The blue epitomizes the sky and the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea which encircle the country. The black and white allude to the harmonious relationship between the two cultures that dominate the country, with the proportions accurately reflecting the ethnic composition of the island as people of African descent comprise 85.3% of the country's population. The yellow symbolizes the sunshine, as well as prosperity. The two triangles represent the Pitons,[6] which are twin volcanic cones located in the southwest part of the island. Consisting of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, they are a national symbol of Saint Lucia

The Island of St Lucia

In the late 1950s St. Lucia joined the West Indies Federation. Slowly internal self-government grew more and more prevalent, and in 1979 it gained its full independence.

Agricultural industries were the mainstay on St. Lucia for decades, but Caribbean tourism of the last few decades have made this (simply stunning island) famous and economically solid.
The two towering volcanic cones on the southwest coast, Gros Piton and Petit Piton remain navigational aides for mariners, and are regarded as one of the Caribbean's most famous landmarks. The island is ringed with sandy beaches, friendly villages and spectacular scenery at every turn. The capital city of Castries and the surrounding resorts, as well as the coastal village of Soufriere and the nearby nature attractions are the major draws for visitors.

St Lucia Beaches

Visitors will be in awe when they gaze upon the strands of black volcanic sand, the mile-long stretches of white beach and the gorgeous palm-fringed bays bordered by towering mountains. Nature's impact on St. Lucia's beaches has made each one more breathtaking than the last. Some can be reached by car and others only by boat. All St. Lucia beaches form part of the "Queen's Chain" and therefore are all public, even if it is in front of a hotel, which means that you can see every beach that St. Lucia has to offer no matter where you stay.

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St Lucia Carnival

A rich display of Saint Lucian culture, Lucian Carnival pays homage to the island’s African and Catholic heritage. Once held to mark the end of the Lenten season, the festival was relocated in the late 90’s to accommodate the island’s thriving tourism industry, and to eliminate competition with Carnival gargantuan Trinidad & Tobago.

Today, Lucian Carnival is widely lauded as one of the Caribbean’s most exciting festivals. In keeping with the island’s reputation for exclusive world class entertainment, Lucian Carnival continues to produce spectacular visual and auditory displays.


Banana and Salt Fish

This is a frequent dish on St Lucian’s table. It is Salt Fish or Cod Fish and Green Banana. It is seasoned with garlic, thyme, onion, scallions, cilantro, peppers, lime juice, vegetable oil, hot sauce and salt to taste. - See more at:


St. Lucia Fashion

It’s back for a third year and you'd better believe Saint Lucia HOT Couture 2015 is going to trump itself once again! The annual runway show has become a stylish jewel in the crown of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, quickly gaining a reputation as one of the region's must-do fashion events, and this year's HOT Couture promises once again to bring talent, innovation and even a few surprises to the Johnsons Centre in Rodney Bay.


Dubbed "The Dream Team" by Saint Lucia Tourist Board's John Emmanuel, SHE Caribbean publisher Mae Sabbagh-Wayne and Landmark Events director Adrian Augier will once again collaborate as the creative force that has become synonymous with HOT Couture. And given the scope of this year's vision, the third edition of the show will be Wayne and Augier's most audacious and cutting edge production to date, entitled 'Fashion For Freedom.'


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