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About Us


About Us

Love, Passion
& Good Vibes Only

Soca Passion was birthed in Houston Texas 15 years ago by a well-known,  party-goer, supporter, and known patron - Dane McAlpin. The brand and committee stemmed from an opportunity given by ‘Fada Owen’.  Mr. Owen wanted to host an event at "Club Riddims" - his well-known Caribbean nightclub & community landmark back then.

Concert Crowd

95% of events back then were dancehall and reggae which got Dane's attention. With him being from the sweet twin islands Trinidad & Tobago, he quickly noticed the lack of soca events and culture. McAlpin then c
95% of events he quickly noticed the lack of soca events and culture. McAlpin then contacted Janelle Escayg, and proposed the idea, and said “leh we do a soca party.” Initially, it was just for fun and vibes since they both had a passion for a good fete and it was something to do on weekends.
Since soca was missing, just filling a nitch and void was the mission. They decided to start off by hosting the soca event once a month since they never promoted or done events before. From that one opportunity, and a “make it happen” mentality and drive,  15 years later, Soca Passion continues to be a well-recognized and respected brand. The brand is now known for producing amazing events and experiences not only in Texas but nationwide.


Our Brand


We Do

We are driven by Passion! Our focus is a safe, fun and memorable experience for our patrons.

Some of these experiences include:

  • Bottle Fete Annual Caribbean BYOB Festival.

  • Plush (Passion Events & Lifestyle) Elegant & Sophisticated food, inclusive experience. 

  • Caribbean Camp Weekend - where camping meets culture.

  • Caribbean Achievement Awards -recognize and honor the achievements in the community.

  • Soca Passion Live Radio -24/7 online radio station.

  • Soca Passion Productions & Rentals - where service is our Passion.

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